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Candy is such a simple thing--sugar, cocoa butter, flavorings.  We grew up saving our pennies to buy it only to feel guilty as adults if we eat more than a piece or two.  Some of us are relishers--savoring every morsel slowly, while others of us are crunchers--devouring the whole piece quickly.  But candy is something we don't really think that much about.

Here at Georgie Lou's Retro Candy, we know that candy, as simple as it is, can be a powerful trigger.  Just seeing, smelling, or tasting a long-forgotten candy can awaken the child within.  It can also start conversations that you may never have had with your spouse or children about what your favorites were and where you bought them as a child.  To that end, we built Georgie Lou's knowing that we had to specialize in nostalgic candy of your childhood alongside modern favorites of kids today.  We want you to recall sweet memories while hopefully creating new ones while you're here! 

Georgie Lou's currently carries more than 800 different varieties of candy--from BB Bats and Turkish Taffy to Laffy Taffy and Gummi Bears.  Most of our bulk candies come in convenient $2.00-$3.00 bags, and most of our retro candy bars and novelties are priced at $1.50 or less.  We also carry a wide variety of premium candy bars and sweets, and we make our own decadent barks, giant marshmallows, chocolate covered Oreos, fudge, molded chocoaltes, and more.  Interested in nostalgic soda served in glass bottles and made with cane sugar?  We've got 120 or so varieties of those, too.

We offer a unique selection of retro-themed gifts as well.  Our goal is to offer a wide range of gift items, which give a nod to the past with a touch of humor and irreverance.  You'll find greeting cards, tea towels, coffee mugs, metal signs, tin toys, metal lunchboxes, and more.  We also feature items celebrating pop culture icons, such as Star Wars, DC Comics, Mickey Mouse, and Dr. Who, sitting right beside kids' favorites of today, like Toy Story and Frozen.  We also have custom gift baskets and gift certificates available.  And we make custom favors and cater candy buffets as well.

DC Comics 
Retro Comic Book  Gear

Although we opened our first location in November 2009 at 22 N. Pitt Street in Carlisle, we moved up to the "main stage" of Carlisle to 56 West High Street in December of 2013.  We have nearly doubled our space, gained amazing store windows in which we can play, and finally have enough space to make some of our own candy.

We truly do try to please kids of all ages, so bring in your parents or children and watch them smile!  And if you can't visit us in Carlisle, you can shop with us online in our virtual store or visit our outpost at Old Sledworks in Dunannon, Pa!

Shopping Online

We now have two ways for you to shop online.  If you visit our online store, you will find a virtual version of our shop.  You can order candy individually, build gift baskets (we even can deliver), and get a good idea of what we carry in store.  However, be aware that the online store is just a representation of our brick-and-mortar store, and we have so many more candy and gift items than what is listed online.

The second way to shop is on etsy.  On etsy, we mostly feature individual colored candies for candy buffets and favor tags.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us or call, (717) 243-1002 or  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you ever get sick of hearing, "Oh, I remember that" in your store?
A: Nope, not at all!  One of the reasons we focus on retro candy is to inspire that exact reaction.  As a trained historian who focused on "little" history, our founder finds the stories our candy digs up from our customers' memories beyond rewarding.  The conversations started by our store between spouses, grandparents and their grandchildren, and parents and their kids about their candy experiences as children are precious and priceless to us.  So don't ever be embarrassed by your excitement or laughter in our store--that's what makes having the store worthwhile!  And please keep sharing your stories with each other and with us.  Even if you have to take the cell phone from your kid's hands to get him/her to listen--do it.  Some day, he/she will be sharing those stories with their own kids!

Q: Do you deliver?
A: We do deliver gift baskets to the Carlisle area, including Dickinson College.  If you want to send your sweetheart, friend, or hard-working college kid some goodies, just order online, call us at (717) 243-1002, email us at, or stop by to tell us what you had in mind.  We'll put something swell together based on your preferences, take payment over the phone, and deliver your surprise to their door or HUB mailroom within one business day.  Now, ain't that grand?

Q: How many kinds of candy do you carry?
A: We've actually lost count, but before we lost track, we were at more than 800.  And we add new ones all the time!

Q: What are your top sellers?
A: Right now, our top sellers are Zotz, candy cigarettes, er, I mean, candy sticks of all kinds, and Swedish Fish.  Our store made fudge is also proving very popular!

Q: Who are all those people in the store when I visit?
A: Well, that depends.  We're not sure who's in front of the counter--you, we guess.  But behind the counter--that's us . . .    
  • Stephanie--that's me--the top toots (aka the owner of the store) who's most often there to help you.
  •  Georgie Lou's Family
    The Georgie Lou's Family
  • Harlon--that's my giant redheaded husband--the big daddy (aka the dude who's fumbling to learn where I put everything in our new store--be kind to him because I move stuff all the time!)
  • Georgie--that's our oldest--the blonde teenager helping stock and take care of our littlest.  He's quite the cashier and salesman now. 
  • Tommy--that's our middle guy--the brunette bruiser sneaking candy and interrupting customers--he just can't help it.  He also helps stock and mastered the store well before his dad--shhhh, don't tell!
  • Jack--that's the little guy--the curly-headed kid wreaking havoc behind the counter and around the entire store.  He thinks he owns the place . . . and he just might some day!
  • Georgenne--that's half the namesake for the store and my mom.  If you catch her in the store, she's probably doting on one of the kids.
  • Lenny--that's my pop--he's usually playing around with whatever new toy we got in or being herded around the store by his best pal, Jack.

Q: What are your favorite candies?
A: Geez, that's a hard question to answer--it seems to change all the time!  But here's a run down:
  • Stephanie-Swedish Fish--it's the only candy I have a hard time NOT eating when it comes time to bag.
  • Harlon-Fireballs--he's getting in trouble for buying me out.
  • Georgie--He Refuses to Pick One--since the store opened, he says I've made it too hard for him to have a favorite candy--it changes all the time.
  • Tommy--ANYTHING!
  • Jack--Swedish Fish--he's a Mama's baby, no doubt!