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Wedding Buffet by Georgie Lou's

A candy buffet is a decorative display of candy offered to guests at parties in place of traditional favors or desserts.  Candy buffets usually center around a theme--either a specific color scheme (all pink) or subject (Halloween).  Candy which fits in with that theme are displayed in decorative containers.  Each guest is given a small bag or tin, into which they place candy from the buffet.  The candy display is enhanced with other things that fit in with the given theme, and the glass jars and favor containers usually sport coordinating tags and ribbon identifying the candy and commemorating the event.

Rock Candy Bouquets
Rock Candy Bouquets
Bridal Shower Favor Table
Bridal Shower Favor Table
Here at Georgie Lou's, we've catered many candy buffets and have the expertise you need to help you put together a delightful candyscape that will thrill your guests.  Since the trend seems to be towards "doing-it-yourself", we've decided to phase out our candy buffet catering except for large events and focus on providing bulk candy to those wanting to put together their own candy buffets.  Georgie Lou's can supply candy in bulk to you, including many items not carried in our store.  We have access to hundreds more kinds of candy, so if you don't see what you want--just ask!  Please give us as much lead time before your event as possible because we don't have 20 pounds of purple m&ms just sitting around at any one time although that would be pretty sweet if we did! 

If you know exactly the types and quantities of candy you want, we'll get it for you with no fees involved other than the cost of the candy.  If you need help choosing candy and tips and tricks on putting the buffet together, then pay a $25.00 consultation fee, and we'll let you pick our brain and help you get the right balance of candy for your guests.

Trying to decide whether to order online or from us?  Order from us, absolutely!  Although you may find slightly better prices online, what you have to consider is how much in shipping and cold pack charges you will pay on top of the candy prices.  Candy is relatively cheap to begin with, but 50 pounds of candy requires 50 pounds paid in shipping, and many vendors will require you to either pay for cold packs and/or use two day shipping, which is very expensive.  The other consideration is you have no idea how long that candy has been sitting around in a warehouse waiting for someone to order it or what shape it will be in when it finally gets in your hands.  We go candy shopping every couple of weeks, and we know how fresh it is.  You're better off ordering from us--why pay shipping if you don't have to?  And we charge you simply for the retail price of the candy--no surcharge is added.  And, if the order is large enough, we also will consider discounting it because you're ordering so much at one time.  If you can't make it into our store, you can order online from us on

If you think you want us to help you with your upcoming event, email Stephanie or set up an appointment to chat about having a candy buffet at your next shindig.  But don't wait--the planning of a candy buffet can take several weeks, depending on its size.  It's always a good idea to call or email first to set up an appointment time to make sure I'll be in the store when you are.  My husband sometimes covers the store for me, and if you come in talking about candy buffets, he just may answer you with a blank stare.  Yeah.