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Caramel Peanut Pretzel Bark
Our Caramel Peanut Pretzel Bark
We carry over 1000 kinds of candy from old-time penny candy to high-end chocolate bars.  We are constantly adding new items, so our stock is always changing.

We have a large selection of candy priced between 10¢ and 75¢, allowing anyone with a few coins to buy something sweet.  We carry bulk candy, including a nice selection of panned chocolates and gummies.  On our shelves, we have a wide variety of retro and modern candy bars and novelties, spanning every decade between 1940 and today.  We often carry giant candy--oversized candy necklaces, gummi bears, Sugar Daddies, and more. 

For those with fancier tastes, we carry many lines of premium candy bars and make our own gourmet treats.  We have also added international candy, featuring sweets from Europe and Japan.  We also carry 25+ varieties of Jelly Belly products, including their popular Harry Potter line and Beanboozled.  Seasonally, we change some of our stock in order to bring you a selection of holiday candy, including many retro favorites. 

As of May 2014, we make our own fudge in store and added our own giant marshmallows, chocolate barks, chocolate-covered Oreos, molded chocolates, and more.  Using real butter and cream, our fudge has become a bestselling item.  We try to keep at least six flavors in our case during the busier months of the year and double that in the summer.  We make everyone's classic favorites but also experiment with our own funky recipes.  At Valentine's Day, we dip chocolate-covered strawberries.